Stepping out of my comfort zone…

Well I start prac on Monday and I thought I might get this ICT ball rolling with a little question/introduction session for my class. I am blessed but scared stiff that I will spend the next 3 weeks in a class that is laptopped! Each learner has access to all the lessons as I conduct them and I am not sure how this will go but time will tell I guess. Meanwhile I have used an Educreations application to introduce myself to my class and get them to create their own lesson/introduction back to me.

Hopefully, the class will receive a link via email on Monday morning that will take them to our class posting board. Fingers crossed it works….


Valuable life lessons

Another assignment and still…ditto

I wish ICTs were as easy as 1,2,3s


It’s the little things like this picture that make my time working on assignments that little bit more tolerable. Don’t get me wrong I love my degree and I love knowing I am so close to my future career, but some assignments do my head in.

Example A: Assignment 1 from EDC3100, while I did learn some amazing skills boy did I also learn some valuable life lessons.

Lesson 1: Technology can be your friend, however this is only when it feels like co-operating and usually if it’s the day your assignment is due its more then likely not your day of friendship.

Lesson 2: Read into everything on a website before choosing to use it for an assignment. I did not do this when first finding the amazing website Powtoon, instead I was mesmerised by everything it had to offer as was my peer Mellissa as she mentions in…

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Are kids still able to make their own fun?

Thinking about my most engaging learning experience, ICTs didn’t get a mention but I am fairly sure todays learner would be less impressed!

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I recently read Kelly Raabe’s post about the learning experiences from her own schooling year were the most interesting and engaging lessons. I certainly agree with Kelly as the ones that I remember where fun, engaging and interesting such as the time when my Science teacher (he is one of few teachers that I remember their name – he made an impression on me) cooked an egg on the parade bitumen in Summer. It was a heatwave in Melbourne and was hot enough to literally cook an egg on the ground. Of course I thought he had gone mad -it’s opposite to what I was taught to do with food, but sometimes we have to break free of society led constraints and think outside the box. I know that technology is vastly becoming the way in which we will deliver lessons but I will never forget thinking how cool it…

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